From Employee To Entrepreneur

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From Employee To Entrepreneur


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Thursday, 08 July 2004

"Taken from the Davao Floriculture Journal (2000), pp234-237 by E.O. Fuentes."

At the work place, I remember her as efficient, hard-working and ever ready to lend a working hand to whoever needed her assistance to students and teachers alike. She was soft-spoken, a quality she has carried up to this day. Ellen found herself knocking at private offices for employment after graduating with a U.S. Commerce major in Bus. Administration and Banking/Finance. Her father, Eduardo, was then the local civil registrar of Davao City and a part time history professor of the same school.

I lost track of her after graduating and later found her employed at Caltex (Philippines) Inc., Mindanao District Office. She rose from the ranks until I met her as Ellen Garcia-Selim, credit analyst at Caltex and dabbling as an orchid grower.

The next time I met Ellen was during the 1997 Kadayawan sa Dabaw floriculture exhibit where her waling​waling (vanda sanderana) entry won first prize. Perhaps, I was more excited than she was then, wondering how an employee could still find time from her demanding job, keep house for husband, Roger, take care of(3) growing children and of course, lavish extra tender loving care (ETLC) for her orchids. Ellen also maintained her ever-young personality through the years.

Another two years of news blackout. I met Ellen...