The Employee Friendly Organization

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The employee friendly mode of an organization is generally considered synonymous with employee empowerment. In order to be effective, this mode requires an absence of organizational politics that may have an unfavorable impact on it (Semler, 2007). At the core of an employee friendly organization lies effective Human Resource Management, based on the Human Relations school of thought. Human Relations' thesis is that employee friendly organizations must necessarily enhance worker productivity. Research has also shown that considerate organizational leaders tend to have subordinates that are generally satisfied with their assigned jobs (Yukl, 1994). Of course, job satisfaction should automatically lead employees to believe that their organizations are, at least in part, employee friendly.

According to a Californian project director at a research and management consulting company, most organizations would like to be known as employee friendly places of work. Additionally: "Companies are starting to pay attention to … what employees need in life.

It's less about money to give employees expensive things and more about treating employees with respect and treating them fairly (Batstone & Adams, 2006)." Katherine Von Jan, the trend director of Brain Reserve belonging to Faith Popcorn, states that the children of the Baby Boomers have learned to think for themselves as well as to challenge other people. Hence, the new generation of employees is challenging the authority figures to boot. As a matter of fact, the new generation of employees demands to be heard. Furthermore, the Baby Boomers reaching retirement age are presently demanding a more satisfactory balance between their lives and the workplace (Batstone & Adams). These factors in combination add to an increased need for employee friendly organizations. It can be assumed that the explosion of knowledge in the area of organizational science - with an emphasis on employee satisfaction - must have...