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Introduction to Employee Privacy Rights

This section of the employee handbook is provided as a guideline for employees to understand the company policy and procedures regarding privacy in the workplace. While this section cannot address every possible scenario that may occur, the general policy will serve as a basis of understanding the key workplace issues and employee privacy. This section addresses privacy issues related to personal background information, off-work activities, and the corporate policy on the use of electronic monitoring. These privacy policies are designed to both provide a clear guideline for employees on the difference between job related and personal privacy. The policies are designed to create a standard set of procedures that apply equally to all employees. The company goal is to provide a fair workplace for everyone, while at the same time protect the organizations professional reputation. The privacy policies are all in compliance with state, federal, and international laws.

Employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy within the workplace;

however there are circumstances when an employer has a legitimate right to monitor, investigate, and review the activities of its employees. The following identifies business practices that may be enacted to ensure the integrity of company products and property, workplace safety, and the monitoring of employee productivity.

Personal Background Information

It is the company's policy to conduct thorough background checks on all potential new employees. As a general rule, the following items are verified:

Education and Degrees

Past Employment

Criminal Records if any

Social Security checks

Existing employees' privacy will be enforced by:

Allowing employees access to their personnel file for review and


Medical records and personal information about the employee will only be

released with the employee's written permission.

The employer will protect the employee's information and ensure that any

personal data is accurate and...