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It has been known in the past that there has been many employer and employee issues, some ranging from as little as a disagreement and others that go to an extent to fatalities. To prevent little disagreements from escalating or even from occurring our past Presidents have came to a possible conclusion. United States of America has gone the distance to protect employers and employee rights as well as their families. To ensure that employers and employees are protected two laws have been passed, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Family and Medical Leave Act. This paper will explain the purpose of both the Family and Medical Leave Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act. Employers responsibility under the law and what protections does the law provide for employees will be further discussed.

FMLA & OSHAOn February 5, 1993, President Clinton introduced and passed the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

This law permits a leave of 12 weeks to all employees who have completed 12 months of labor for a company. The leave includes; adoption, child labor, serious health conditions and to take care of a relative who is in poor health. An employee must meet the requirements of being employed for a complete year and or working 1,250 hours during the entire year before leave request. Some employers do require the usage of vacation time before approving the time off for the leave. Employee must be compensated to either vacation time off or leave time off. While the employee is on medical leave all benefits are received as if employee would still have been working. "Under the FMLA, the employer's duties are triggered when the employee provides enough information to put the employer on notice that the employee may be in need of FMLA leave" (Bennett-Alexander &...