Employee Sufferance For Managerial Incompetence

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Employee Sufferance for Managerial Incompetence Johnson Controls Industries is a prospering manufacturer of welded automobile seat frames. Management is accountable for keeping the plant up to the specifications required of our plant and customers. Therefore, it is crucial that we have superior supervisory administrators. In my previous five and a half years of employment with Johnson Controls, I have come to know a few abysmal managers. One of my preceding supervisors proved to be an utter disgrace to our company.

This individual unjustifiably obtained his promotion as a manager. The only criterion for obtaining his position was that he was a minority. Because of his lack of knowledge in management, our plant suffered considerably. He was oblivious to the simplest work-correlated issues and lacked necessary people skills. The subordinates did not respect his authority. Initially, he made several mistakes on essential paperwork. In addition, the department for which he was responsible for often ran out of materials due to his failure to perform daily inventory appropriately.

As a result, the plants mandatory numbers were not fulfilled for shipment of orders. This failure caused many people to unwillingly squander away their weekends working. Therefore, employee attendance became miserable plus daily production was not being achieved of his workers.

Johnson Controls was forced to create a new position in order to discharge this man from management. The superior executives of our plant realized they had made a horrendous mistake in the advancement of this individual. However, they could not relieve him his duties due to apprehension of a lawsuit. He would say that they did not like him because he was an African American. Instead, the company invented a brand new position called a Quality Liaison and promoted him for a second time. His performance is inadequate in this position as well, but this was the best compromise for everyone involved.

This individual proved to be an absolute moron in the field of business; his blunder significantly affected numerous people. My work situation was a devastating disaster area for a year due to the incompetence of one individual. It is my desire that chief management supervisors would prohibit instances like this in the future by choosing individuals who are undoubtedly qualified for such a position.