Employee turnover in 4/5 star hotels in Durban, South Africa

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In today's organizational cultural context, the role of employees and the supervisory infrastructure has attained even greater credence than the years when theories such as the Scientific Management theory and the other theories were developed. These theories relate more or less to the managerial efficiency and the employee participation in the organization in order to attain the organizational objectives. While it's truly amazing that such theories are valid in the present context when the volatility is the norm of the day. Originally developed in the West, these theories are fully applicable in other regions of the world. The difference of course lies in the managerial styles in different countries of the world. Why is say that the theories are applicable with the exception of the cultural differences is that these theories, that are the management theories were developed on the basis of human nature and behavioral patterns. While it is very difficult to grant that individuals exhibit same behavioral patterns, but it may be asserted that a generalized statement could be reached that human behavioral pattern show similar characteristics.

Thus, in this context we may assume that the managerial theories that were developed in the west are fully applicable in other parts of the world. Therefore,

The result of continued turbulence aftermath of June 1997 Asian financial meltdown is contributory to a renewed widening concern about the management styles, corporate systems and indigenous Asian values (Steven; Cecil and Lanny). What we're facing today is an extremely dynamic and volatile work climate which most of managers have experienced difficulty on motivating and retaining employees' challenges in an environment of increased uncertainties.

Hence, no organization, profession or community has been unaffected by the continuing series of employee layoffs, for example, unemployment rate of Korea has been on the increase from 2.6...