Employing old experienced people versus young talented people. How much ethical is it?

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1. Introduction:The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organizations. Not every person is suited to every job. Some jobs require precision and accuracy; others require networking and presentation. So hiring the right person for the right job is the most important task of any organization. Different job has different requirement. Organization should recruit employee based on the requirement of the job. Only focus on old experienced people or focus on only young talented people can not be a right choice for a company. And this one area concentrated recruitment process is not accurately fulfilling the ethical requirement also.

In this essay, the impact of employing old experienced people and young talented people on company will be explained first. Then it will be discussed how recruitment process vary based on the employee's qualification and job requirement.

And it will discuss that how ethical question can arise during choosing between old experienced and young talented. Lastly it will discussed that how recruiter can manage ethical issues on recruitment process.

2. Impact of employing old experienced people:2.1. Positive effect:Experienced people are capable, have common sense and experience, and have demonstrated good successes in the past.

Maturity, stability and reliability of old people are important to an organization. They're looking to build the rest of their career within a company, rather than moving around like some younger people do.

They provide balance in the team, improve team dynamics, create mentoring opportunities, have professionalism and a wise head.

They have longer-term commitment to the organization. They're not clock-watchers and are more committed to doing the task.

They role-model loyalty, discretionary effort and respect for co-workers. The younger ones look up the...