Employment and the Law in NSW, Australia

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NAME: Maryanne Dajkovich

ASSESSMENT TASK: Employment and the Law Essay

WORD COUNT: 2667 words not including appendix.

MODULE: Module 3.

LECTURER: Tim Bartram

DATE DUE: 15 November 2004

DATE SUBMITTED: 15 November 2004.


Businesses and organizations exist for a variety of purposes whether it be to provide goods for consumption or to provide services for profit or for the benefit of the community.

Optometric practices such as Freda Nurk's provide goods by the way of optical appliances to their patients or clients and optometry services including eye examinations, visual screenings and vision training. Optometry is classified as being a Health Service industry and therefore relies heavily on the quality of their employees and much of the value of the business is inherent in the goodwill associated with the practice.

Compared with the wide variety of easily identifiable and predictable technological and financial resources businesses have available human resources or employees are the most unpredictable and the largest ongoing cost factor for any organization (Nankevis etal, 1999.

p4). The management of human resources is time consuming, extremely difficult (can be likened to "jelly wrestling") and fraught with potentially very damaging repercussions for the business if employers are not up to date on current legislative and reporting requirements as Freda Nurk discovered. The poor management of human resources can undermine the overall profitability of a business and should be an integral part of any business risk management strategy (Bartram, 2004, p5-6)

Human Resource Management involves a number of functions in an organization - recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, remuneration systems, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, and the impact of current legislation (EEO, OHS etc).

Freda has grown her business due to some sound business acumen, a lot of good luck and some clever marketing and now has...