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Employment Empowerment Paper

Bonnie Garcia

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Employee Empowerment

The organizational set up known as a flat organization simply means, "There are few levels of authority between upper management and staff members" (Daniels, 2008). This type of organization results in staff members having a direct involvement with the decisions being made by the organization. In this paper, I will discuss how this type of organization empowers the employee to be prepared to handle this type of responsibility.

Decision Making Role

When a staff member or group is tasked with an assignment, they are faced with various decisions that need to be made. They use various techniques with decision making which include prioritizing and the ability to be open to a group discussion if the situation dictates. This employee empowerment allows for the individual or group to have that authority to move forward with the task and creativity to blossom.

With this type of organization, it allows the staff to meet the overall goals and objectives of the organization and not see the ideals as their own but as meeting the company's goals. These are a few benefits of a flat organization.

Within the flat organization, there is an enormous need to be fully accountable for all of your actions. Some company's techniques require a summary to their leaders at the end of each workweek. These summaries include all the work done during the week, any obstacles that were met during the week and the agenda for the next week. Then the leader will read all the summaries and then respond to them individually.

Through decentralized authority, it allows decisions to be made within a smaller group allowing greater flexibility. With decentralized authority, this flexibility...