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BackgroundCarl Robins was hired to be a recruiter for ABC and to take care of the new employee's needs. In April, Carl hired 15 trainees to work for the Operation Supervisor. Carl Robins scheduled a new hired orientation to be conducted on June the 15th with a purpose of having the new employee's start their job by July. Carl's received a notification from Monica Carrolls telling Carl to begin the procedure of giving the new employees their; manuals, drug test, and policy booklets. Carl had told Monica that he would begin all those procedures and that they would all be done in time. In June, Carl noticed some incomplete applications, drug screenings where not complete, orientation manuals where not complete and had pages missing, and the training room had been reserved by someone else.

Major issuesCarl Robin's first effort on recruiting people did not go on so well, he had many problems getting things done.

•Application where incomplete•Training room not schedule•Manuals not complete•Drug screenings not doneShort-term SolutionsSo that Carl can get out of trouble he has to react fast to his mistakes. Carl should call all new employees and have them work on completing the blanks. He should have all the new hires drop by the drug test building and have them all tested. When the new hires are done with their paper work, Carl should review their paper work and make sure it is done properly.

Long-term SolutionThe problem that was encountered was a simple mistake rookies make. Carl is a rookie and the only way to succeed is to learn from your mistakes. As Carl faced his first mistake and being a simple one, he should know that it is not as easy as it sounds, he should look for help and if there is to ask...