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In many of today's organizations the idea or concept of culture plays many different roles. Culture may take on several different meanings, such as origination, work environment, or the practice of certain groups within a defined geography. In today's business climate culture more often than not refers to the environment in which an employee can expect to work. Some corporate cultures conjure up images of growth and personal development, while others bring to mind images of companies that rule by fear and are driven by individuals that treat employees as commodities rather than people. Regardless of the business, managers need to adhere to rules that have been handed down by federal mandates and remain focused on the ethical treatment of their employees no matter what drives the culture within a particular company.

In the case of Patton- Fuller Community Hospital, (University of Phoenix, 2007) several discrepancies in terms of disciplinary actions and raise increases have been noted within the last several years.

In the case of Bennie Bellamy, disciplinary action was taken in the form of a written communication for dereliction of duty pertaining to a patient that did not receive proper medical attention. This action could have severely impacted the overall health of the patient, and possibly caused irreparable harm, resulting in a suit being brought against the hospital. Infractions like these should be dealt with in a completely different manner with regard to disciplinary action. Instead, they seem to be on par with relatively minor infractions that have been charged against other employees in the company.

In the case of Alva Branham, there have been disciplinary actions taken that had no far reaching ramifications other than poor performance on the part of the employee as dictated by the policies and procedures of Fuller Community Hospital. Alva Branham has...