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Entity Business PlanA sports bar can be found anywhere, but finding a Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar experience cannot be replicated. Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar offers a variety of different activities for men and women alike. Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar doesn't just feature activities but a vast selection of import and micro brewed beers and spirits. The business aspect of Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar is to expand and grow to offer affordable prices and exotic drinks to as many people of legal drinking age, depending on state, as possible. Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar has an outstanding waiter and waitress staff. A customer's glass is never more than ¾ empty before the next round is up. People from a large variety of different social groups go to Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar. The variety includes the younger partying scene college students to the relaxed older crowd. The venue of Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar caters to many demographics with its intricate design.

With 3 floors and a large outdoor area making it where every customer can have an incredible experience every time the customer visits. The services are provided at the bar by friendly staff of waiters and waitresses. In the back scene the books are handled by a corporate office that handles many different business accounts. Until the expansion and franchising of Trident Happy Awesome Sports Bar becomes larger and then a corporate office will be established.

Bars generally do not have a large scale national franchise. There are a few bars that do exist throughout the United States. Sports and Ale is a national chain that has been around since 1963. They have grown to have a total of 25 chains throughout 16 states. They offer a great amount of televisions. They have a...