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Empowerment Speech by Yazeed Qahtani

Empowerment is the ability to make decisions and protect yourself from negative influences and to feel confident. Empowerment gives you the freedom to say whatever you want to say and gives you self-steam. In the text "Gift and Miracles" by Carolina Carrao talked about empowerment with family and friends and how they impacted her feeling and thinking. Through family support the author was empowered to appreciate her dual heritage.

Empowerment of family is important to a person. Family is the close environment for you. So it has a really big impact on you. Carolina was seriously unhappy because she did not want to be like her family's heritage, which is Italian. She was trying to be Australian but her home environment did not help her. "I hate Italian mothers", "I hate Italian music". In this quate the author's uses of emotive first person point view makes the audience empathised and connect to the feelings expressed.

As a child the author's dual heritage had a negative impact on her and did not empower her.

The author soon learns that empowerment can be supported by family. When the author faced a bully in the school canteen, her mother was serving and saw the whole situation. Instead of reacting negatively she"continued serving as if nothing bad happened". Her mother told her to feel sympathy for the bully because her parents were ignorant. This gave the author's strength and self-worth which helped empowering her reaction to the bully.

Family influences a person's life path and supports this direction on the right track. In the story the author stats her appreciation of a loving family even through her difficulties "The steered us most definitely and lovingly in the direction our lives should take". Appreation and acceptance...