Enchanting Escape

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Enchanting Escape

It was a cold blistering night; The moon glowed upon the field as I approached the summit of this beastly hill. My fears inside of me began to climax as my stomach turned and my face blushed cherry red. As I lay in my rusty sled my heart began to pump increasingly faster as my body trembled with fear. This would be the largest hill that I would ever venture down. With a quick push, I was off. I could feel the frosty wind howl at my face as the sled went quicker and quicker down the hill. I looked down the hill to see the ending of this terrific ride. And there it was: the wooden ramp my friends and I had constructed. Now this was no ordinary ramp. It was made with fine oak wood and nailed together by some of the finest carpenters Parma City had to offer.

This ramp had a reputation for being notoriously immense in size. As the ramp approached, I positioned myself to get maximum velocity on the jump. To the wind I became, as my airborne flight began, the wind whistled at my face as I enjoyed my time in flight. I came crashing down into the white chilly snow as my sled and I became separated. My body hitting the snow was poetry in motion as I landed square on my back. As I looked up into the clear winter sky, the stars glistened as I pondered what to do with my day off from school.

Everyone knew that with the blizzard coming in, school would be cancelled. The mounting anticipation for the moment in which our school name would flash across the bottom of the television screen had me crunching my knuckles and my heart beating to a...