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Vijay Katari Final Draft - Encomium Section: 0606 September 17, 2001 After winning his third consecutive NBA championship, at the peak of his career, Michael Jordan, on October 6, 1993, announced his retirement shocking the entire sports world. Jordan said, "the mental aspect is not the same - the challenge is not as great. I promised myself - and I have said many times publicly - that when the mental challenge began to fade, I would leave. That time is now here." He then decided to pick up the game of baseball, for 1994 baseball season, playing for the Birmingham Barons, an affiliate of the Chicago White Sox in the Class AA Southern League. With the mental challenge gradually returning, on March 18, 1995, Jordan publicly announced that he would rejoin the Chicago Bulls and play in the next day's nationally televised game against the Pacers at Indianapolis.

He stepped onto the court with a new jersey - the number 45 - a perfected fade away jumper, and whole new game. Jordan returned to the game, with only one ambition in mind, to prove to the NBA fans worldwide that he is, without a doubt, the greatest player ever. After his return, he was able to dominate the game and market, in such a way that no other player can compare with.

Michael Jordan returned to the NBA in the middle of the regular season, in which the Chicago Bulls were in a disaster. With a pitiful 34-31 record, Jordan's return was the team's only hope. Although looking a little rusty in his first game, he was soon able to pick up it up in his fifth game with an unforgettable 55 points against the New York Knicks. With Jordan the Bulls went 13-4 to finish the season...