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My first sexual encounter is what changed me the most, in both positive and negative ways. Many people take sex for granted. Others see it as dirty, disgraceful, or wrong. In either circumstance, people fail to see the power and beauty of it. My view is neither of these.

In some cases, people have sex purely for the physical pleasure. Others do it because they feel unloved or are starved of affection (I do not believe these are good reasons). "One night stands" and "friends with benefits" are the simplest form of this type of sex. I do not have sex solely for this reason because the risk strongly outweighs the benefits.

Emotion, in my opinion, should play a large role in sexual intercourse. Sex is much better if it is with a person that I care about. It makes me feel connected to the person in ways that would be otherwise impossible.

By waiting until I know and care about someone (and they feel the same way), I can prove to myself, and others, that I am responsible. If I did not do this, then I would be no different than those guys that have sex because of peer pressure or because the media makes them think that it is the cool thing to do. People like that are often shallow and incapable of having a meaningful relationship.

Although it has many benefits, it also has its downside. Sex can make an otherwise simple relationship turn complicated in an instant. Distress can occur if one person feels differently about sex Page 1 then their partner(s). The negative physical aspects have to be taken into consideration as well. By being promiscuous, you enhance the risk of exposing yourself to a sexually transmitted disease, or an unplanned pregnancy. A scare is what brought me to all of these realizations. It has caused me a large amount of emotional damage.

I have learned that extreme caution should be taken prior to getting sexually involved with a person. The consequences, and what you hope to achieve, must be thoroughly examined to avoid doing harm to yourself or others. If done responsibly, it can be a rewarding experience. Sex is a substantial part of life. It has the power to crush, hurt, and traumatize as well as make relationships stronger, better, and more meaningful.

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