Encourage Peace in Society

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Possibly the most well known civil rights activity took place in August of 1963, when Dr. Martin Luther King along with Civil rights leaders from across the country organized a march in Washington DC. It was used to encourage congress to pass the bill that president Kennedy had created. Many whites along with about 200,000 blacks gathered at the base of the Lincoln memorial where Dr. King presented his best-known speech entitled "I Have a Dream". His speech defined the moral basis behind the civil rights movement. If Dr. King were still alive today, the senseless violence and hatred in our society would sadden him.

For example, school violence may be a daily presence for some schools. The threat of all kinds of violence can keep students away from school, prevent them from going to after-school events, and leave them in fear every day. Another example would be domestic violence.

A national random sample of households showed that almost 4% of American families experienced severe physical violence of a degree that had the statistical probability of inflicting injury or death upon the victim. In 1980 that figure equaled over two million persons per year. Child abuse is another major problem in our society today; it is defined in both Federal and State legislation. The Federal legislation provides a foundation for States by identifying a minimum set of acts or behaviors that characterize maltreatment. This legislation also defines what acts are considered physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.

Whether you're black, brown, female, gay, lesbian, a transvestite cross dresser, transsexual, short, fat, bald, deaf, disabled or whatever, at some time in your life you'll find you're in a minority. Being in a minority is vulnerability, which is an attractant for bullies and harassers. You're easy meat onto whom the dysfunctional individual...