In The End

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At the End At the end of my thirteen years I will be at my graduation with my friends and family, thinking about the things I'm leaving behind. In the end at the big day, I'll be sitting on stage looking my peers saying silent good bye's to those who are leaving and picking out those ones who will stay. Good bye too Joey who ships out not even a month after we graduate in the NAVY. To Brad who will probably go play college basketball somewhere like North Carolina or Florida. Then there's the one's who will stay, like T.J.

who, like me, probably has no idea what he is going to do. Warren, who will probably do sheetrock for his dad, will move into the apartment over his parents garage. There will be my family who is concerned a bought me not knowing what I want to do.

My mom balling though the slide show of pictures of me as a kid. Along side of my parents will be my 6'10'' grandpa and his 5'2'' wife. Then there will be grandma Ava Lee , "Big Ma", and her not all there look. Then I'll start to remember all of "Good Old Times". Coach Tommy's "Get on the line!" practices. Coach Joe's legendary deer hunts and "possessed Microwave" stories. Than there is all the trouble I got in- the time I signed my name on the concrete table in the breezeway in foot and a half blue letters. I'll leave from there with memories of my ken, buds, and reflections of the past.