When will it end?

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You may have heard of me in ancient history. I am Genghis Khan and I would like to share a story that was not recorded in history.

In 1199 near the middle of winter on the northern borders of china. My two best men and I were left standing, after being at war with the Mongolians for several weeks. Filled with hunger and dressed with wounds, we decided to retreat to home to heal and gather more men.

'Lets go' I yelled

We lofted on our horses, and right at that moment, a loft of arrows descended, up on all three of us killing my two men, and leaving me wounded in the arm. I broke the shaft of the arrow, and pulled it out, flung it on the ground and dug my spurs into my horses flesh, and like a bolt of lighting we shot through the woods. I knew my horse was weak, not having much to eat, but some bark off the trees, because of the heavy snow, my prayers were to the effect, that I would be home soon.

I could hear hoof beats off in the distance, they sounded like they were getting closer, and all I had on my mind was darkness. Once dark my chances of escape are far better, I was still bleeding and felt like my horse was about to give up, as we arrived at the top of the mountain, looking down the other side and down at the bottom was a long winding river. I knew this was my escape as my horse collapsed to its side, gave his last breath.

Suddenly I heard a branch break, looking over my shoulder, getting closer was that small army, of Mongolians. Run, run, run was going through my mind, I...