"End of an all-male era"

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Hetter's "End of and all-male era" is an accurate representation of society today.

The debate of whether or not women can do everything men can do will never end. This

debate is discussing female enrollment in all-male colleges. Virginia Military Institute and

Citadel should remain all-male; they were designed that way and should stay that way.

In "End of an all-male era", Katia Hetter discusses the case of allowing females to

enroll into the two state funded, all-male colleges, Citadel and Virginia Military

Institute(VMI). A woman not allowed to attend VMI because of her gender, filed a

complaint against VMI six years ago. Court ruled that the admission policy violated

women's constitutional right to equal protection. The school was ordered to admit women

or give up state funding. The article also stated that separating men and women makes

women out to be second class citizens. Allowing women into all-male colleges would end

over a century of male exclusivity(50), says Hetter.

Citadel announced it will accept

qualified female applicants, effective immediately. VMI, on the hand, will have a meeting

to debate whether the school will follow suit or become a private institution.

Does prohibiting female enrollment into an all-male college really violate women's

constitutional rights? What right says that there can't be all-male or all-female colleges?

There isn't one. All around the world there are female colleges and males aren't allowed

to attend. Just because VMI and Citadel are military colleges doesn't mean they have to

allow boys and girls. If someone wanted to start and all-female military college, there

wouldn't be a problem with it. It's only because women think they have to prove they can

do everything a man can do. I bet if these same schools were already co-educational, half

of the women wouldn't want to attend. It's...