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Unit 7 End User Support

Assignment No.3- Deliver End-User Support

Q1) You work for a subsidiary company of a major multinational corporation. A systems supplier is rolling out a new environment to all companies in the group. This involves new networks, pcs, servers and software.

The initial resource will be three technicians, one of which will be experienced in system support. The other two technicians will be fresh from college with no industry experience. You have to set up a support group in time for the system rollout.

i. List the tasks that you will have to perform to establish the group.

ii. Prioritise the actions.

iii. Explain your reasoning for the prioritisation.

1. Provide basic training to the two technicians in basic network hardware and software installation.

2. Draw up procedure notes for the tasks required to complete the network and software installation.

3. Provide a crib sheet for procedures to follow in the case of faults or problems with installation.

4. Set up a small test network and ask the two technicians to install network equipment with the exception of servers, routers, firewalls or switches.

5. Should the test network prove successful, provide basic training in setup and maintenance of servers.

6. Use the experienced technician to install servers, routers, firewalls and switches and to oversee the work of the other two technicians.

The above list is set out in priority order. The reason for the order is that technicians should be trained initially and be given notes to follow in the case of problems, they should then be supervised on a test network so that they both gain experience and can be retrained in areas of need if necessary. This is all necessary to do prior to the actual installation as the installation needs to be completed...