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Unit 7 End User Support

Assignment No.1- Support Needs

Q1) Describe the typical role of an ICT Support Technician. You should research and include examples of how the ICT technician would support users to meet their needs, and the variety of approaches that organisation adopt to support end users.

A typical role of an ICT Support Technician is to provide support to users of a particular network (often within several buildings, depending on the size of the company).

Duties of a typical ICT Support technician would include the following:

* Installation and maintenance of the company IT network equipment (software and hardware).

* To carry out simple upgrades and repairs to company computers.

* Assist with Network User Account management and creation.

* Assist with the safe movement of computerised equipment.

* Provide support (telephone/online helpdesk/physical helpdesk) in both software and hardware queries by the users of the company IT equipment.

* Possibly assisting in the training needs of users of IT equipment.

* Escalation of more complicated faults to the appropriate senior technician or manager.

The following page shows a screen print of the online helpdesk used at Reading College. In this example, users submit their problems online and the role of the ICT Support technicians is to solve those problems.

Reading College also uses a telephone helpdesk and a physical helpdesk at which both students and staff may approach the ICT technician on duty to ask advice concerning any problems encountered when using the IT equipment

Q2) List four situations where an ICT support technician might assist a user.

Four situations in which an ICT Support technician may assist a user are as follows:

1. A user cannot log in and is certain that the password entered is correct. It would be the role of the ICT Support...