The End Of The World:

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The End of the World Intermediate Composition End of the World Thesis: The world will come to an end, eventually, whether it comes through punishment of God, or by a more scientific destruction of the world.

I. There are many possible apocalyptic events according to the Bible.

A. Jesus returns to end all evil on Judgment Day.

B. A New Heaven will be established after the Judgment day.

II. The apocalypse may be caused by destruction of Earth by its people.

A. Global Warming leads to an apocalypse.

B. Destruction of forests leads to an apocalypse.

C. Mass extinction of animals leads to an apocalypse.

III. Overpopulation is causing a severe wasting of natural resources.

A. Most of the present day statistics concerning overpopulation are concerning.

B. Consequences overpopulation could have on future world will be horrible.

IV. Cosmic Catastrophes may occur that can cause an apocalypse.

A. The expansion of the universe would cause the world to end.

B. The crashing of a meteor on Earth would cause the world to end.

The End of the World "Cut the same 42 million acres of trees that are being taken today; your world has no forests in 47 years. Make your hungry people work the soil more intensely; land fertility which fell only 5% from 1970-2000, plunges 12% per year in 2040. By the year 2020 reserves of minerals and other resources have shrunk to just 30 years' worth. Crop yields plummet; billions starve. Industrial output per capita crashes; the "rich" live at the level of 1900. By 2100 your world has collapsed."(qtd. in Begley 36) Where did we come from? Where are we going? These two questions have rang in intellectual's ears since the writing of the Bible. There are two ways to look at this question, religiously and...