Endangered Species

Essay by viviengel August 2007

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In the geological past, many species have become extinct because of natural factors. Since it does not result from us, can we say that it is unjustified for us to save endangered species spending lots of money and energy? Different people have different opinions. I maintain that we should look for a bit more balance between saving endangered species and developing our economics.

Admittedly, due to the changes of inexorable nature, many species have become extinct. As Darwinian’s natural selection said, “stronger species survive while weaker ones can not.” It is the natural process’ result such as the extinction of dinosaur. There is no doubt about that we are not responsible for the species extinction at this stage.

However, we have to notice the fact that more and more species died out or got close to the margin of endangerment since humans becomes the ruler of the Earth especially after the Industrial Revolution.

It is a scientific fact that many species’ extinction is connected to people’s activities such as the dear-cutting foresting, polluting the rivers even deliberated over-harvest and so on. Therefore, in this respect, we have a moral duty to save endangered species.

Furthermore, saving endangered species is a kind of self-preservation to human. We have to realize that all species are living in an intricate ecosystem where human beings, animals and plants are interdependent each other. We enjoyed the conveniences of diversity. Severing certain relationships, such as that between a predator and its natural prey, can set into motion a series of extinctions that ultimately might endanger our own survival as a species. While this claim might sound far-fetched to some, environmental experts assure us that in the long run it is very real possibility.

On the other hand, considering the economic ability that we can undertake,