Ender's Game: Ender's Leadership

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Andrew Wiggen has been molded since birth to be the perfect leader. The reason that he even exists is because his siblings came close, so the I.F. thought that the third time might just be the charm. They were right. Ender is the perfect leader in every way one can be. Ender's two most prominent characteristics are, first, his insatiable desire to learn and understand, and second, the complete and utter trust that other people have in him.

Sun Tzu says that wisdom--the recognition of changing circumstances and acting accordingly--is one of the qualities of a general. Ender has this quality in spades. There is rarely a moment where Ender is not analyzing and calculating the ideas and actions of others. Ender's ability to see a situation from someone else's point of view, and then analyze his or her strengths and weaknesses, is what sets Ender apart from almost every other commander.

For example, when Ender wants to understand how to defeat the buggers, he does not look at what other human commanders have done in the past. He looks at the strategy of the buggers. He determines what the buggers' strategy is and ways in which to counter it. Ender's way of thinking is perfectly in-line with Sun Tzu's philosophy of, "Know your enemy and know yourself." Ender learns the most from some of his enemies like the buggers, Bonzo, and Rose de Nose, but Ender also learns from some of his friends like Petra and Dink. With these many sources from which to develop strategy, it is obvious that Ender is a very wise and competent military leader.

However, military strategy is worthless without the trust of those under you. When Ender became the commander of Dragon Army, within three weeks he was able to get the...