"Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card

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The book starts off with Ender getting his monitor off.

A monitor is something that they but on the back of these

peoples necks to see if they are a good candidate to be a

general to fight the buggers. The buggers are aliens. Well,

since he is not monitored anymore people who have always

wanted to fight him can now fight them. He ends up

winning all of the fights and he goes home. As it turns out

taking off his monitor was a test to see how he would

handle people that fight him. A general then explains that

he want to send Ender to battle school so he can learn how

to fight in space. Ender decides to go. When he gets there

he finds out that it is very tough. He ends up killing 2 kids

and breaking count less numbers of bones in the 4 years

that he is there.

While he is there he plays a virtual reality

game. When he beats the game the computer makes up a

place called the end of the world. There are some very

disturbing things here. Eventually Ender graduates battle

school (2 years earlier that anybody has ever graduated,

he's a genius.) He then goes to command school were he

learns how to control fleets of star ships. They put him in a

simulator and he is given many missions to fly. Then one

day his inspectors say that today is his final mission before

they grade him. He up agents a whole planet and a vast

number of ships. He ends up winning by using a secret

weapon on the planet that blows it up. When he finishes the

battle he realizes that everyone is cheering behind him.

When he asks why they tell him that...