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The Science fiction novel, "Ender's Game" is about an extraordinary third child who is illegal due to current population control laws. He is a genius child named Ender Wiggin that has been closely watched by government officials through a monitor on the back of his neck from the time he was born. This monitoring allows the government to see everything Ender does, how he acts and what he says. The government officials are responsible for conducting monitoring such as this in an attempt to find future leaders to help Earth defeat an alien race called the "Buggers" that were recently fended off in the first battle. The government soon realizes his skillful, aggressive actions and cunning behavior after removing the monitor.

After the monitor was removed, a large bully named Stilson was unafraid to senselessly bully Ender due to the fact that it was now common knowledge that he was no longer being watched by the government.

When Stilson decides to make an attempt to assault Ender with two of his friends, Ender makes a swift move, and kills Stilson. Government officials knew he was right for the program and came to bring him away from his family and peers into the Leadership program. In doing so, Ender was losing the one person whom he truly loved most, his sister Valentine. In addition to this, he would also be leaving his torturous and evil brother Peter Wiggin. Peter despised Ender because he was the one chosen to be monitored instead of himself. Ender is drafted into space where he will be trained to become a great leader along with many others in the large space station Battle school.

During the launch into space, the shuttle soon enters a zero gravity state. Colonel Graff soon enters the shuttle bay to find...