Ender's Shadow

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This is a book that follows a series of other books starting with Enders Game. This book takes a different look at the same character ender. In the first book the main character was ender. In this book the main character is bean. Bean is a mutant but not physically. He is just abnormally intelligent. In fact he is maybe the smartest kid in the world. Except for the fact that he is only 6. Bean grew up in the streets. He was near death when he devised a plan that would start a gang. He told all the little kids to pick a bully and to beat him up into making him protect them. They Chose a boy named Achillies. But Achillies was bitter about bean choosing to beat him up and while the other children learned to love Achillies for the food that was given to them because of there newly formed gang Bean was outcast.

While all this is going on the world is in dire need of a savior to protect the world from a species of alien that are threatning to destroy the world. So achielies tries to kill bean but b4 he can bean is taken into training to protect the world. Anyway it is a really good book. I suggest you read it.