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ENDER'S GAME By Orson Scott Card Ender Wiggin is a genius child with an evil brother and a loving sister. He has been picked by the government to go to be trained in combat. The government is recruiting prodigy children to protect Earth from aliens called buggers. He is sent to the training camp to begin his military education. The military training takes place on a space station. The station has artificial gravity but there are rooms with no gravity used for the game. The kids are divided into teams and they battle in the nil gravity rooms. During the game the kids wear flash suits and have guns. When somebody is shot their body freezes where they were hit. When Ender starts playing the game, Bonzo, the captain of his army thinks he is useless. The captain tells him to stay out of the way and do nothing during the game.

Ender obeys and then that day at lunch they look at the score board and Ender is ranked number one because he was not shot and he never missed a shot. Kids thought it was funny but soon he started fighting, became excellent, and maintained his position at first. Ender gained more respect and was promoted to new armies and higher ranks. He also made enemies that were jealous of his skills.

When Ender has his own army he fights Bonzo's army and wins just like he has in all battles. Two days later Bonzo and a group of his friends come into the bathroom while Ender is in the shower. They plan to beat him to death. Ender fights Bonzo alone and kills him. Bonzo had been Ender's enemy since the Ender was part of his army.

Ender is by far the best soldier there. He graduates...