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Nelson Engine System Ltd (NESL) is a small manufacturing company based in Nelson, which builds and supplies plane engines to the European market.

The boss Tony Wood recently upgraded NESL's IT system recently. The old IT system used three and six years old stands alone PC's. NESL also installed a Local Area Network (LAN) server system.

* The company used another company Global Network to install the network cabling and sockets, they laid these out to prove that they work properly.

* A different company called Colne Server System installed the server and network setup. Now all the servers are setup correctly

* Staff who had six years old PCs have replaced theirs with the new ones now, whereas the old ones were put in storage for parts. People who had three years old PCs upgraded theirs to connect to the network.

NESL employs a full-time IT support manager and two IT support assistant to support the staff using the PCs and network.

My role in the company is the IT Support Manager. I am responsible for the IT support assistants. I support all the tasks including PC installation and maintenance, network and server maintenance also to handle any problems which staff at NESL hand over.

Task one role of ICT support technician

This is an excellent role with exciting solid and forward moving organisation. The candidates will need to provide first class support to their customers and support the current ICT staff with technical problems at the same time as helping to continue a well organization computer communication. Candidates have to have the following experience for the job; they have to fix PC's, work with electrical computer network, if you have experience of telephone cabling that would be a separate advantage. Helpdesk first line support experience is also...