Energy consumption.

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"On average, one American consumes as much energy as

2 Japanese

6 Mexicans

13 Chinese

31 Indians

128 Bangladeshis

307 Tanzanians

370 Ethiopians "


Every morning, I wake up on my queen-sized, pillow top mattress that I purchased at Sleepy's Mattress Store. Next, I walk downstairs, take out a bowl bought from Wal-Mart, fill the bowl up with some Golden Grahams and milk from Stop & Shop, and sit down at my table that I purchased from IKEA. Then I walk back upstairs, brush my teeth with toothpaste and a brush paid for at Rite-Aid, and proceed to take a nice long shower, which I can afford to do, since I pay Middlesex Water Company for every drop of water I use. I then get in my Honda Accord that I purchased from Open Road Honda and drive 1 hour to Temple University. I make great time due to the fact that I can zip through toll booths thanks to my EZPass. I then sit in class, taking notes with my pen and notebook that I bought at the Temple bookstore. What am I taking notes on, one may ask? Why, business of course! I am, after all, a student studying for my Masters in Business Administration.

As one can see, just by summing up not even a full day in my life, business, one way or another, takes up every sentence. This all leads into the hot topic of this week's readings -- consumption. Do we, as Americans, consume a great deal more than other developing nations do? The answer would be definitely. Do we consume too much? The answer to that question depends on whom you decide to ask. Sure, if I could modify one area in which I "consumed" too much for my liking, I...