Energy drinks

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Energy drinks

For heaps of reasons I believe that energy drinks are good for you. Some people may disagree with me they think that they are just a strong drink that will only energise them for a short amount of time. However, I believe that energy drinks can cause people less stress in their busy lives. Also, they can help boost energy levels. Therefore, I will argue that energy drinks are good for you.

First, I think that energy drinks can make you work longer and harder. In fact energy drinks have caffeine and sodium, caffeine makes people feel awake and alert and sodium helps to stop the body from losing water. For example, the kids who are heavily into drinking energy drinks are more likely to be the ones who pay attention more and have less stress. Therefore, energy drinks can cause lots of up sides for the kids drinking them.

Second, energy drinks can cause not only good behaviour but can lead to good health. Especially, that drinks include plant- based stimulants, herbs, amino acids, sugar, vitamins, and the main ingredient, caffeine. On the plus side, the caffeine in the energy drinks gives people the energy boost they need in day to day life. So, energy drinks have ingredients that can protect your health.

Most kids drink energy drinks because they think it will make them 'cool' and because they taste good. So why not drink something that is so harmless and increases your energy levels. For example Energy drinks make you feel awake and alert. All ingredients in energy drinks work together to make energy levels in the body increase.

The high levels of caffeine and sodium in most energy drinks are good. In fact energy drinks contain several B vitamins, C vitamins, calcium, magnesium, carbohydrates, minerals,