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AbstractThe Energy Resources plan I chose was renewable and non-renewable energy. I will explain the reasons why we should start to conserve energy. I will also explain the renewable energy and non-renewable energy. I will cover some government actions on the resources that go into the planning. There is a way to save energy and I will share with you how to do just that.

Energy Resource PlanWhy should one conserve energy? Conserving energy can become second nature for some but not a lot of people even know how to save on energy because they were never taught or just know care enough to even start to learn how to conserve. If everyone would take the time to a little this would not be an issue. An example of an energy saving crisis would be. Take our cars for example if we were to take care of our cars it would put off less carbon that if it were neglected from the maintenance.

Another example would be the water conservation. If we would only cut back on the watering 5 minutes it would be a huge impact to saving the water resources we so desperately need. Most of all I feel like promoting good practices promoting with our children would you want a healthier place for your children to live in. I sure do. It starts right here with education.

Renewable energy such as bamboo, wind power and hydro power, coal and earth's are all natural minerals. Natural Resources such as bamboo, wind and hydro power, coal, are all natural minerals so they do not become obsolete. Renewable energy is energy that is recycled back into the earth and is not wasted.

Energy Sources and alternative energy sources should be used! Solar, thermo, hydropower, and wind power are...