The Enfield Connection

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The Enfield Connection By John M. Kevin Jr.

The Enfield Connection is a book based on history of our American Civil War, and the history of the Regiment of men called the "Bucktails". (150 P.V.I.) They go back into a raging battle of Gettysburg, because of a purchase of an Enfield Rifle Musket.

In this book there were four main characters: George Murry: George was born and raised on a small farm in upstate Pennsylvania along the Jersey Shore. When he was eighteen, he joined the Navy, and served in Vietnam with the Marine Corps. But in the story George was the calm, peaceable type, who knew about wars from past experiences.

Tim Fretz: Tim was an electronic technician who served for four years in the Navy. Tim in the story was the timid and stubborn one of the group, who always wanted to be alone and do things his way.

Jack Myers: Jack was the small fry and attended Drexel College. Jack was the brains of the whole operation.

Bill Sloan: Bill owns the Musket that sent everybody back into time, but not without warning. Although Bill didn't go back himself, he was careful in how he used the musket.

Plot Summary The setting of this story was in Gettysburg, PA at a re-enactment of the 135th Anniversary of the battle.

The story of three men who are Civil War Re-enactment went back into time and into the battle of Gettysburg. With friends named Jeb & many others who helped these men survive, they save the Union and return home to see their families again.

Stuck in a situation in which something drastic happens, it will alter history forever. While they are in the little town (But Big Battle) they fight many battles wishing they could come home to their families.

At the end of the book, they finally return to the 20th century.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this book, because I am also a Civil War Re-enactor and relive history every time we throw on the blue uniform. Although I have never gone back into history, I still enjoy re-enacting very much.