Engineered Wheel Barrow

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The report shows the design and engineered materials used in the production of a backyard wheelbarrow. Past designs of wheelbarrows have been compared with new designs and aspects. Carefully selected and suitable materials and parts for the construction of the wheelbarrow have been noted in the report. Orthogonal drawings and a free body diagram are included in the report.

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Introduction/Design Explanation 4

Materials Used/Effects on People's Lives 5

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The report endeavours the materials and design strategies of the construction of a backyard wheelbarrow and research on past designs for comparison to new designs.

The aim of the report is to examine different materials suitable for a wheelbarrow and new designs and solutions for ease of use of the wheelbarrow.

The design explanation describes the outline of the project. The materials used and the effect wheelbarrows have had on people's lives is also noted in the report. Past design and construction strategies have been noted and a comparison of different wheelbarrows has been done. The bibliography shows resources and websites I have used for research. The appendices display photos taken and orthogonal drawings and also a free body diagram.

Design Explanation

The design for the wheelbarrow I have chosen consists of two wheels placed under the tray at the centre of the wheelbarrow compared to just one individual wheel at the front of most modern wheelbarrows. This extra wheel that is placed beside another wheel at the centre of...