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Can legos be the building block of our future? Maybe. Well studies have proven that kids that play with legos when their young have an easier time solving problems than children who don't.

I am not stating that kids that play with legos are smarter than kids that dont, but that it helps them later on down the road.

Today engineering schools are graduating less than half of the engineers needed in the future for America. I read an article called Fortune/CNET Tech Review Winter 2002 stating that playing with Legos can help stimulate the mind of the child which can encourage a bright future ahead. I am not saying that if you play with legos that your going to a famous engineer, but rather that playing with the legos can cause you to think and plan ahead for what you will do next.

81% of the parents that have children in a lego convention have thought that the competition influences students to pursue a scientific or technical career.

I agree. If only these opportunities were available for children that are less fortunate maybe we may have enough engineers for the future. Remember, plan now for our future ahead.