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I am a senior who will be graduating May, 2002. Engineering has been of great interest to me all my life and I plan to go into this field in some capacity. It is a field that offers a wide choice of exciting areas to work in. It is also a field that is expanding by leaps and bounds each year, rather than shrinking as many others are. My primary interest is civil engineering.

I would like to specialize in this field. I first thought about being an engineer when I was about ten and was hooked from then on. Since then, I have drawn plans, studied my uncle's work, and have done some surveying with my uncle. I want to be an engineer because I feel like I could be good in this field. This job not only consisted of the general projects, but would also consist of working with other engineers to create structures for people to marvel at.

I have given some thought to going into this line of work. It does pay well, but I will have to work hard to become an engineer. I want something with variety and excitement in it, and that is why I am choosing this field of work. Choosing a good college has been a dilemma for me. At first, I leaned toward a big school, but since then I have decided that little college is just as good. Almost daily, something new and exciting is happening in the field of engineering. In fact, new equipment comes out so quickly that an engineer from about ten years ago would not even recognize the field of work today.

I can not think of any field that has expanded into every area of our lives the way engineering has. Engineering touches our lives everyday, and yet we are really only scraping the surface. I strongly believe that what is yet to come is going to be far more thrilling than what we have seen so far and I want to be a part of it.