What is engineering?

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The human being faces a lot of problem in day to day daily life. Today the world has become a far better place to live in. We call ourselves as the generation next. Technology has immensely benefited the society. Now we cannot imagine our life to be the same without computers, communication, and automobile. Technology has made this world a much better and a convenient place to live in. Engineering has played a very important role in today's development. If we are ought to define engineering than we could simply say that it is about using mathematical and scientific principles together with analytical and design skills to devise new solutions to practical problems. These problems might be related to different aspects of life. It can be in the form of a physical infrastructure such as roads, vehicles, bridges, buildings, etc or can also be in the form of information infrastructure such as computers, control systems, telecommunications, etc.

In simple words, engineering is about creating practical solutions in everyday life.

How do engineers do it and who cares anyway?

Engineering is among the most highly reputed and respected professions in the world. Engineers are respected for their strong analytical and computational abilities with excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills. Engineers are the ones who import the knowledge from science to solve practical problems. Engineers are the one who are involved in the implementation, design and development of the product. They have to make a product based on the customers need. Engineers create an appropriate mathematical model of a problem which allows them to analyze it, and to test potential solutions. They take requirements into account such as costs, safety, performance and limitations on resources.

The importance of professional engineers to modern society is greater than ever before. Communications has been an achievement...