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Is Ethics An Alien Word To The Engineering Profession?


Is Ethics An Alien Word To The Engineering Profession?


If the topic of the paper is a question then the answer is definitely "NO". It is imply because ethics and morality are the distinctive traits and characteristics attached with human beings. The creature that is devoid of it is called animal. Man must be proud of holding ethics as morality is his adornment whether he is of any rank or status or working in any capacity. All professions demand ethical practice, commitment, and honesty for these are the keys to success.

Over the course of the twentieth century, new specialties emerged, professional societies for the new specialities were organized and the promulgation of technical and ethical codes has continued. In the aftermath of the Second World War, for example, nuclear engineering formed a new speciality, and, in subsequent decades, biomedical engineering became established as a separate speciality.

Still unsettled is a debate of several decades about whether software developers should constitute a new speciality of engineering. Genetic manipulation using recombinant DNA technology is often referred to as genetic engineering, but it is doubtful whether practitioners should be classified as engineers, except in a loose or metaphorical sense. That is because the training, practices, and routines of these practitioners do not sufficiently resemble those of engineering. (Shaw 1997: 15-24)

Because a rapid increase in the number of engineers and the growth of large business organizations employing them occurred in tandem in the late nineteenth century, we can say that engineers were born into large business organizations. These technically skilled employees nevertheless joined engineering societies, which continued to organize and grow. In this way, these employees showed their solidarity with...