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Prelude: May 1919 This article is about the Smith family in 1919. It takes you through a normal day for the Smith's in 1919. First it starts with Mr. Smith wearing very narrow trousers and Mrs. Smith wearing a long skirt, 6 inches from the ground. She is worried about the shorter the skirts now coming out in the new Vogue. It follows up with makeup, hairstyles (due to the Bolshevist movement), newspapers, WWI end news, sporting events, and food, rent, clothing, and taxes going up in price. Next, Mr. Smith would go to work. He goes out to his car; he will have to set it up, crank it, and then hop back in just before it shuts off. His car reaching a top speed of about 15mph; he would not believe that in just 10 years that the average will be double that. It talks about the stock market and how a seat on the stock exchange would go for $110,000, but by the end of the 1920's, a seat would go for about a ½ million dollars.

The article finishes with what is to come in the 1920's, such as Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic Ocean, automatic traffic lights, speakeasies, Al Capone, and many more of the prosperous 1920's.