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Travis Smith-Grubb English 112-19 2/20/02 Composition #2 Many people can agree that todays values on love and what love means differs from that of past tradtional values. The difference between lust and love often confuses many people espically young adults. Past values were about finding your one true love and staying with them through the rough times and the good times. Marriages and love have one obstacle now "divorce"as an easy out, where as in the past you stayed with your spouse no matter what. The leading woman charaters in three of Kate chopins works, are great of examples of true love and what it was then compared to toady.

Lousie from "The Story of an Hour" shows true love for her husband Brantly. In the beginning of the story she finds out the Brantly has just died. Lousie is completey heart broken. As she retreats to her room alone she ponders of life without Brantly.

She thinks to herself "free", "free", "free", now she is free to do what she has alwasy wanted. Lousie relizes that her true love is gone but, she also realizes life must go on.

Calixta on the other hand from "The Storm" does not appear to show true love toward her husband Bobinet. She cheats on her husband while waiting on him to return home.

When he does finally return home she yells at him and asks why he worried her. Calixta doesnt even mention that she just cheated on him and can just go on as if nothing even happened. Calixta shows a total lack of disrespect towards him. In "Desiree's baby the main character Desiree is totally and completey in love with her husband Armand. He feels exactly the same towards her until they have a child and...