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Are most people who are mentally disturbed dangerous? -no they are actually less of a threat than someone that is "normal".

What are three things that determine if someone needs psychological help? - suffers discomfort, behavior bizarre, inefficiency What are some of the indicators of mental disturbances? -Perfectionist, seeing things, ect.

Why do mental health workers use the DSM-IV? - to diagnose the correct disorder What is anxiety? What kind of relations do people experience? - Anxiety is a generalized feeling of apprehension and pending disaster.

- The palms sweat, the throat closes up, hands tremble, and the armpits become a perspiration disaster.What is panic disorder? Why does it start? When do panic attacks occur? - Panic disorder is afflicted by frequent and overwhelming attacks of anxiety.

- Something is physically or chemically wrong with the person.

- When a person is under extreme stress.ow is a phobic disorder different than a panic disorder? - In a panic disorder the person can function where in a phobic disorder the person is in a state of disable and incapable of functioning.

What is a simple phobia? What is the most common explanation for phobia? - A simple phobia centers on particular objects or situations: dogs, enclosed spaces, snakes, heights, elevators, water, even knives.

- The most common explanation for phobias is that they result from association or learning. What is the difference between an obsession and a compulsion? - An obsession refers to an endless preoccupation with some type of urge or thought and a compulsion is a symbolic, ritualized behavior that a person must repeatedly act out. Why do people become obsession-compulsion? - faulty attempts to resolve guilt, anxiety, or insecurity What are somatoform disorders? What are two types of somatoform? - Somatoform disorders, psychological issues are expressed...