The English Civil War

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The outbreak of the English Civil War in England between Charles I and Parliament changed its form of government dramatically. It was only a violent episode in the continuing revolution that was already occurring. The Civil War broke out because the two forms of government, the king and Parliament, could not be reconciled. It was a struggle between the bourgeois or the middle-class people and the aristocrats or gentry. It all started from disputes starting with the first Stuart, James I, who took over the monarch of England after the death of the last Tudor, Elizabeth, and led on with more disputes with James I's son, Charles I and Parliament. Many other people contributed to the start of the Civil War. As a result to Charles and Parliament's incapability to collaborate on each other's terms, the English Civil War had now started, in 1642. The war lasted for seven years and finally ended in 1649.

Great leaders have taken charge before, during, and after the Civil War and finally when it had ended; England had just experienced one of its biggest impacts in its history.

The English Civil War broke out caused by many different reasons. Conflicts between James I and Charles I against Parliament had lead to the Civil War. One of the reasons that brought forth the Civil War was the Divine Right of Kings that James I introduced to Parliament, claming that the monarchs were chosen by God to rule on earth, therefore they should receive absolute power. To Parliament, this meant that they would have no space in order or making any decisions, with no power. The real conflict and dispute came from James I's son, Charles I and Parliament. Parliament had once approached Charles with the Nineteen Propositions' which were to end their disputes but...