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I am going to make a proposal to the management at my workplace suggesting the change of commission reports. I work in the cellular business and putting up a certain quota of cellular service sales at the end of each month is demanded. There are three employees at my location and to keep track of each sale is rather difficult. This my attempt in making it easier to track who sold what, when, and how much commission he made. It will contain a computer program and a little bit of math. Everything should move along smoothly when this system is used efficiently.

First off I was reading up on a really nifty program called Micro Biz. It helps to keep inventory up to date, your able to know when an employee comes in to work, and most importantly it keeps a commission report for each employee listed in the system.

For example, my name is Michael Garcia I would then use for initials of my name as my log in identification then I would come up with a password so would be able to access the main frame. Every time that I am logged in and I make a sale that invoice number and how much I sold will be logged into a sales report. At the end of each month someone with an authorized password would access this report and print it out. The program does all the math for you. It tallies up all the sales you made and excludes tax then gives you the commission rate at 5 per cent. This will prevent any sort of confrontation with management about our sales. We the employees would get a copy of our report to see if we have any discrepancies about our sales commission.

My next part of...