In English class we were given the freedom to write on any personal topic. I chose to describe the effects that evolution in terms of ascension will have on biology and society.

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Becoming the Authentic Self: A Journey into the Unknown

"Fire," Sh'allah calls as a sphere of water passes from her hand to Manoe's. The scintillating globe transfigures itself into a fireball at Manoe's will. "Earth," Manoe giggles and tosses it back as the sphere forms into a piece of onyx. "Air," calls as Sh'allah bounces the rock off her finger toward Zolan. The object is transformed into a ball of pure force.

This is a possible scene of childhood play in the year 2075, where children are fully conscious and their knowledge and power are immense. They are the product of generations past whose goal to evolve the then current paradigm of disunity brought human genetics and being to an entirely different level, a level where only unity and harmony exist-a world totally devoid of polar quarrels. How is this possible? What will create such an Eden? By devoting my entire being to becoming the authentic self, I will do my part to unfold human potential to consciously evolve on physical, mental, intuitive, creative, and spiritual levels.

Many aspects are addressed in a process that has been called "ascension" or the process by which we rise above the current paradigm of disunity on all levels conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. For me this is a process that will bring about being my most authentic self in every moment. The first requirement has been a pure desire to evolve. With this desire comes a resurgence in the power of conscious thought, which causes real results down to the biological level. In other terms, Ascension is based on a pure act of will; it transforms one's world as one's inner landscape changes to accompany a wider view of reality that is unity based.

My own desire to evolve started just recently. I...