This is an english comparison essay about the effects of teamwork adn working together adn what the outcomes can be.

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What do you relationships, teams, and work all have in common? They all require two, or more people working together to get a great outcome, or common goal. They require teamwork. It is something we all want to have in life with others. Yet it is so hard to find. What is teamwork if you do not have compatibility? Can you have a team, or can you work? When does teamwork really take place? When everything is smooth and you feel no pressure, when you are equally carrying yourself with others. Then you have successfully become part of a team.

A girl I know broke up with her boyfriend. She was at Michigan State visiting him with a friend of hers. This wasn't just any boyfriend, he was "the one", you know, that guy all girls think they will marry. Well they had really bad communication skills, and he found it hard to trust her since she was so far away.

That always sounded silly to me though because he was the one that chose to go to school 150 miles away. Well this boyfriend of hers drove himself so crazy about worrying so much that it built up a lot of anger in him. When my friend stopped telling him all the time what she was doing and where she was going he would come into a fit of rage at her. He was not a good talker, or listener if you know what I mean. He just wanted to go out and have her stay home and worry about him, she wouldn't and this made him even angrier. Then he started saying that she was cheating on him, and that is crazy because he is the one that cheated on her three times and she always...