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ENGLISH COMPOSITION Driving Forget everything you know about driving. Listen to the sound of the engine behind you, enjoy the feeling of your body travelling without moving. Look! In front of you, an empty highway, you are facing your future. Four wheels, a steering wheel, a shape made to pierce the air. Cars are all made of the same elements but incarn various personalities. They are your key to the driving experience. Driving is not only the coordination of eyes, feet and hands, it is a complete involvment of your mind and body. That is why driving is so exciting, you are fighting against yourself. The addition of those two parts define the real meaning of driving, become only one.

They seem human, looking at you with two eyes and a heart beating for your pleasure. A mouth open to breathe air and to show their mood. And especially a morphology which reflects their personality.

Most of them are fat like those who never practice any sports, that is why sports cars are the most interesting, giving you real pleasure, they have been built to race and express themselves. Those thoroughbred are only waiting you to turn on the key. Without them, driving would not have the same meaning. As a bird who needs lightness to fly gracefully they only carry the bare minimum. Their engines are goldsmith's art, made of noble materials and the love of the one who put them together. Take place in the Beast and contemplate a place like nowhere else. Everything here is designed for you, the gages are in your field of vision, the steering wheel has a good grip and the gearbox meets perfectly with your hand. Close your eyes, relax, concentrate and now, fire the cavalry , step on the gas pedal...