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"Ax! This is the whole reason I wanted to do this, the reason I wrote the song!" I leant my head on his shoulder "Everyone thought that I was just some stupid daydreaming spoilt brat! I wanted to change that, I wanted to make a difference."

"I know, but ¾ thats alot alot of money to give away. Nobody would think less of you, us, if we took the money. Everyone in this school would take the money." Axle squeezed my arm.

"Why dont we give half?" Myleene tried to reason with me.

I shruged I still don't think that they understand why I wrote the song. But they are as much of the band as I am, and at the moment they are outnumbering me.

Alot of other things had changed. We had become the three must popular people. But with that came mistrust. We would be together at all times.

Myleene lived next door to me so we would drive in my car to Axle's house and pick Axle up then go to school. I suppose it puts Axle's and my realationship under strain because we are together all the time but we cope!

Once again sixth period geography came round again. Something hit me as I was gazing out the window, I could write an album for the band. We could be more than just a one hit wonder. With that I started huming a tune, it sounded good but it needed a bit more of a kick so I hummed a bit louder and made the notes a bit shorter.

"Rosie! I am aware that you and your band are on the way to fame." The last bit got stuck in her throught which unfortunatly made Myleene snigger, she got glared at by Mrs Raulf, "But...