English extention speech on courtly love out with the old in with the new

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Out with the old. And in with the new. This well known statement which in this context is stating that the old conventions have no meaning for contemporary composers or audiences, is completely false

Today through the analysis of my movie "Dead Poets Society" I will attempt to show that the conventions of courtly love have evolved and are still evident in today's society. Firstly Courtly love is described as love derived from the sight of and excessive meditation upon the beauty of the opposite sex. It is incited by the sight of the beloved, and grows from fantasizing about her.

Throughout the ages courtly love has been praised and influenced by many men including Andreas Capellanus, who stated the general rules and practices of courtly love. The concept of courtly love in "Dead Poets Society" is centered on the character of Knox Overstreet. Knox falls in love with a beauty that belongs to another.

His "object of desire" is Chris, a cheerleader who he initially falls in love with at first sight.

Traditionally, courtly love is always initiated by a man, as it is his responsibility to approach his lady and express his feelings towards her. The woman then chooses whether she would accept or decline the man to be her suitor. This aspect of courtly love is still evident in today's society and can be see when Knox ignores the fact that Chris is already engaged and decides to do whatever he has to do in order to conquer the girl he has fallen in love with. Throughout the movie, Knox is chasing his lover and trying to win her over. He rides his bike to a football game to see her. He calls her, exclaiming first "Carpe Diem... even if it kills...