English, Frontline- Telling the Truth Question: Our access to the truth is impeded by the powerful. Show how your study of the text and additional material demonstrates this assertion.

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The statement, " Our access to the truth is impeded by the powerful", is truthful, as the main way citizens find out about current affairs, is through various medias, all owned by the most wealthiest and powerful individuals in the world, an example of one of these individuals in Australia, being Mr Murdoch. The accuracy of this statement is established throughout the 'Frontline' series, created by D-Generation, in particular, the episodes 'The Night of Nights' and 'Smaller Fish to Fry'. Other examples found in the media, which demonstrate this statement include; 'The Student Protests' and The Simpson's episode,'.......'.

In the 'Frontline' episode, 'The Night of Nights', Mike Moore (Rob Stich) discusses with Brian Thompson (Bruno Lawrence) his major concerns about the illegal phone tapping of Australian citizens' telephones, by Telstra. Seeing that, Brian Thompson is the producer of the current affair program 'Frontline', he is realistic about the importance of ratings and the financial support provided by major sponsors, such as Telstra.

Consequently, despite what might be consider morally right, Brian realises he cannot present this story to the public and must find a way of deterring Mike Moore.

By drawing on Mike's selfish desires, Brian violates number four, of the Australian journalists' Code of Ethics, 'They shall not allow personal interests to influence them in their professional duties', by offering Mike a new mobile phone. Mike, becomes fascinated with his new "play-toy", easily forgetting the violation of human rights, which he was earlier discussing. Therefore, as Telstra is a multi-billion dollar company, the producers of 'Frontline' are willing to sacrifice the well being of thousands of citizens, simply keep their sponsorship and gain a new telephone in return. As a result of this, Telstra, has 'impeded', 'our access to the truth'.

However, without the surrounding circumstances, Brian may...